25 Things I Wish I Could Achieve in 25


Last February I turned 25. As in the previous years, I made a mandatory post-birthday posts, so here I am presenting to all of you (well, I don’t think people would read this) the 25 some kind of achievements that I wish I could accomplished before turning 26. Mostly about self development, not materials I would like to have in the future.

  1. Be nice to everyone such as greeting and throwing smiles people
  2. Always remember to say and do kind things to people because I know, I want to be treated the same way
  3. See everything from different perspective
  4. Stop being a judgmental human
  5. Think twice then act smart
  6. Work on every tasks assigned with smile and sincere heart
  7. Stop using bad words/ swearing
  8. Be curious to things that really matters in my life
  9. Mean to say “thank you”, “help”, and “sorry” depends on the situations
  10. Upgrade my patience to the next level everyday
  11. Speak out what really bothers in my mind and heart with lower tone
  12. Make a small talk to some acquaintances and try to not hate it
  13. Talk to my mom politely with extra patience
  14. Do night prayer at least three times a week
  15. Listen to my deepest heart, not easily be converted to what people want me to be
  16. Keep calm and be silent when I don’t have anything to say, or say something better
  17. Wake up earlier than my husband and not proceed after fajr sleep
  18. Arrived safely in the office at 8 sharp (omg this is so hard to do)
  19. Eat vegetables and fruits that I never tried before
  20. Read Gartner, McKinsey, Frost & Sullivan (or whatever it is) journals in regular basis
  21. Gain knowledge and understanding of financial management
  22. Exercise at least once a week
  23. Perform the pilgrimage to Mecca
  24. Get preggo preferably a baby boy, but a baby girl is OK
  25. Buy a house




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