The past twelve months were amazing. I’d like to say that 2016 was one of the best years in my life. There were lot of life changed, which I’ve never imagined before, and of course lessons learned. Like the one that I made 3 years ago, I’d like to post this year’s highlights. However, this year’s post won’t be the same as the previous one. I’d only share the highlights of the year, not each month’s highlights. So, here we go!

January: Turning Point
I started this year by crying out loud overnight at Pondok Indah Mosque. Never in a million years I would have such an idea to celebrate New Year by doing i’tikaf at some mosque. The truth is, the idea was only a joke between me and my best friend, Fifi. Both of us were totally not that kind of religious persons, but the idea came just because we wanted to try something new and different, and of course in the right time: New Year’s Eve.

What we really did at the mosque during i’tikaf were chatting, laughing, reading Qur’an for awhile, taking some wefies, and then giving a shot of laughter to whatever we saw in our smartphone screen. But then, when it came to Night Prayer or Tahajjud, I felt something so warm, touching, sad, all those feelings mixed up in my heart until my tears burst. Suddenly, all the sins I did in the past and those people who I hurt were recalling in my head and I needed God’s mercy. So I beg for His forgiveness and pray for the best in the upcoming years.

After i’tikaf, I felt somehow extremely happy and relieved. I even forgot about my brokenhearted story I had in two-or-three months earlier. Three weeks later, I made a big decision to covering up my body and wearing hijab all of my life. It was a big, once again A BIG decision I’ve ever made in my life. Honestly, the idea never crossed my mind because I thought I don’t deserve to wearing hijab while I don’t act like a Muslim, at least act like a good girl. But then I have this willing to make a change, to be a better person, and hopefully I could act like the real Muslim properly.

February: Rendezvous
I met my husband on February. When I met him for the first time, I didn’t have any feelings that the man who sat in front of me would be my husband for life. To having a relationship with this nerdy guy was never happened in my head.

But God had another plan. God planted a package of love in his mind and heart and made him goes lovestruck every time he sees me. LOL! Anyway, I’ve posted the story about how we met from the very beginning. Please take a look at this post to read the whole story.

March: The Proposal
It only took a month from the very first hello on WhatsApp to our commitment to getting married. I guess it’s the instant gift from God for making such a big decision on January.

He asked me when we had a dinner—it wasn’t a fancy one tho— right after we had finished our plate of ribs. He arranged three items on the table; an empty glass of mine, soy sauce, and salt saucer; as examples to explain the journey to the wedding day. Then we called it ‘Glass, Soy Sauce, and Salt Phase’, wished we could pass all the phases well, made a Salt Timeplan, and told our parents about the big plan.

May: Engagement Day
Glass phase had been passed so well, so we moved to the next phase: Soy Sauce. The event was held in my house. I was a bit nervous when I walked down the staircases, looked back at all people down there who starring at me, and gave a reception speech in front of about a sixty people. Read more here.

July: Europe Trip
The first nine days of July was unforgettable. I had a chance to visit 5 countries in Europe, they are: United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Belgium. It was my last family trip as a single and I enjoyed every seconds of it.

As usual, we hired a travel agent to guide us. The tour guide, named Alex, was very friendly, informative, and helpful. London was the first city we visited. Castles are the most visited point of attraction, then like the most tourist, we made a stop at Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and London Bridge. We also visited Stamford Bridge, the home ground of Chelsea FC. Unfortunately, Bimo wasn’t there, knowing that he’s a big fan of Chelsea.

Next destination was Zurich, Switzerland. I’d just knew that they have the best fish and chip! Anyway, the highlight of the journey at Zurich wasn’t that. We went uphill to Mount Titlis by taking cable car. All I could see just a wide spread of white snow on a mountain and it was freaking freezing. Then we went to Lucerne, a city in central Switzerland.

In the next morning, we moved to Paris, France. Unfortunately, there was a football event held in Paris, so we couldn’t make it to garden area at Eiffel Tower. The snapshots we took were from the very very low angle right below the tower. Unlucky us. The moms were very happy while the bus we rode was heading to Galeries Lafayette and Marne-la-Vallée. The highlight of Paris trip was my short reunion with my long-time-no-see friends; Lia & Tesya.

The fourth city we visited was Brussels, Belgium. It was a short city-haul to Grand Place, Manneken Pis, and Atomium. Then we had to move to Amsterdam, our last destination of the trip. I fell in love in the first sight with Amsterdam city. Bicycles is everywhere. All people rode bicycles, no matter how stylish they are, how many the luggage they carry. Last but not least, we went to see Volendam city for couple hours, just to take some pictures on Netherlands traditional costumes.

Strolling around Europe on July was one of the best trips ever in my life.

September: The Wedding Day
The big day!

I will never forget 24th of September 2016, the first day of being someone’s wife, having a lifetime partner . The day that changed my single status to married. Alhamdulillah everything went pretty well. I’ve made a post about my wedding day here, in case you’re wondering how my nervous face look like.

December: Europe Trip Vol. 2
Thank God, I had another chance to come back to Europe. It was 8 days trip to 6 countries: Netherlands, Italy, Vatican, France, Monaco, and Spain. The weather was super freakin’ cold since it was winter, but unfortunately the snow hadn’t fallen down yet (somehow I’m grateful that it hadn’t snowed yet). Actually, I’m not in the mood to tell you the whole story of my second Europe trip. Maybe in another post.

That’s all. Thank you 2016. And I’m ready to welcome 2017. I hope 2017 will be filled with more love, healthiness, happiness, and of course lucky. Aamiin.



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