I Wish:


/ I knew how to get along with children, especially infants and toddlers. I don’t know why I always find myself hard to communicate with them, though they can’t speak fluently. It’s totally awkward and little bit uncomfortable being around them, I prefer being in the middle of new group who talk about uninteresting stuffs (uhm, not really, but I guess it’s better)

/ I could be more warm and friendly to everyone. Like do simple things such as greeting people, throwing smiles to people, making small talks, even just asking how they’re doing. Showing a good manner in social life. The next level, I wish I could talk to people easier without being socially awkward.

/ Every rules I made wouldn’t be broken. Set a list of rules of life in order to have a better life is easy. The hardest part is to be consistent and not cross the limits. Oh God, give me a combination of strengths and patience to get through this (read: sticking to the rules I made for myself)

/ I could stop being selfish, ignorant, and silly. I want to think about others first than mine. I want to be more curious about people and their different kind of interests. I want to be interested to something that I’ve never been interested before. I want to stop making fun and laughing at inappropriate events. I want to be a-more-serious kind of person.

/ I could meet everyone’s expectations, especially my parents, my soon-to-be-husband, and his family. I just wanna be a goddamn perfect to them. In any single aspects. At least, I wanna see their happy and proud faces as I’m being a person they are looking for.



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