I’d never agree with the idea of matchmaking. Moreover by my parents. I used to believe that I would find my soulmate by myself, I didn’t need any help. Until one day I waved the white flag, lower my ego, opened my heart to any opportunities that will come, and said yes to mom’s idea of matchmaking.

One random evening. Mom sent me a picture of a man with glasses in white shirt and grey-black tie, tilting his head to right side, smiling to the camera.

“What do you think?” mom asked me through WhatsApp.

I had no idea but let my mom know that I was totally OK with all of her plan. She asked for my picture and permission to give my number to the man. I gave my best shot and my number with no expectation at all.

Turned out, I figured out that mom hadn’t known the man at all. He was one of the employees at mom’s office who decided to resign and he didn’t have any idea that his decision was the beginning where the whole thing started. His resignation became the main topic of the meeting that evening. Mom was explained by her subordinate about the man’s profile, CV, and how the man looks like from her subordinate’s perspective. Mom started to be curious with this man and had this random yet crazy idea:

“Gimana kalo gue jodohin sama anak gue?”

One lazy evening. My phone vibrated. Three WhatsApp notification from unknown number.

  1. “Hi Febie”
  2. “I’m Bimo”
  3. “Boleh kenalan kah?”

Wut? Is this the man my mom was talking about?

And I let myself to reply his texts. Unexpectedly, the conversation flowed, we met for ‘sushi treats’. Another conversation, another into-the-midnight calls, another meetups. Until something inside my heart bloomed. I think I fall in love with this man.

I hate uncertainty. I hate being left without any logical reason. Well, I don’t wanna have one more broken hearted love story. So, one night, he asked me to tell past stories, related to love. I spilled all of my anxiety of love and in the end of my story, I asked him

“So, what are we now?”

The next day, he told me that he don’t wanna waste another time to be in a relationship with me, but a serious stage of relationship called marriage.

I never imagined to have such a scene in my life. I was so happy my heart wanted to explode thousand flowers.

And that night, two bodies who were completely strangers a month ago made future plans of engagement day and wedding day (which called Glass-Soy Sauce-Salt Timeplan) and told both of their parents about the plans.

Their parents were shockingly happy.

Bismillahirahmanirahim. Let’s start our Glass-Soy Sauce-Salt series, B.

(Our Glass phase has been passed. Now we are counting down to Soy Sauce phase a.k.a engagement day on May 2016. Whoa!)



2 thoughts on “Serendipity”

  1. […] Saya sendiri awalnya malas sekali dijodohkan oleh ibu saya, karena saya merasa bisa mencari jodoh saya sendiri di lingkungan pergaulan saya dan menurut saya waktu itu selera ibu saya pasti nggak sesuai. Sampai pada saatnya saya pasrah dan nurut kata ibu saya, eh, malah nemu suami saya yang sekarang lewat ibu saya. Ceritanya udah pernah ditulis ya disini. […]

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