Twenty Four



I’m 24 now. Like couple years ago, I’m back to write hi-I’m-turning-x-years-old-now post. Such an annual mandatory (oops I skipped once last year). What have I been through in the past one year? Too much.

Been a 23 years old girl, I learned a lot. A LOT of life lessons. I started to learn that my parents’ blessings and approval in any single aspects of my life are the true source of happiness. Felt so fed up with the revolution in my previous workplace, I struggled to find a new job and it wasn’t easy as I thought before. Super fail job interview, several recruitment processes, pre-psychotest on weekend, pre-medical check up until my veins turned blue, it all have been done just to reach my career goal. Thank God all the sacrifices paid off.

I broke up after 2.5 years together with my ex and still don’t get it why my relationship always had to be ended after 2.5 years of relationship. Been failed twice, I started to think that being in a relationship with someone for more than 2 years—or maybe a year— is just another waste of times. But I wouldn’t give up my love, gave myself another chance to fall in love with a guy who was really mean a world to me but… na-ah. I was totally wrong and here’s the great lesson learned that knocked me down: fall in love with God first then He will show you the right man.

This year, I wish to be a better person than before (read: wise, patient, humble, generous, tough, and loving kind of person). Having new hobbies such as cooking and gardening sounds good and hopefully this year I’ll become an expert in those activities. Speaking of the uncertainty of work placement, I wish to be placed in Jakarta and not for any positions that require sales activity. Last but not least, I wish my soulmate—the right one—will come to me with the sweetest wedding proposal and we’re getting married as soon as possible. End of this year, maybe?

Let’s say “aaamiiin”.



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