Turning Point



People changed, people moved on.

One, because they believe “life goes on” statement. Two, because they simply want to run away. Three, because they finally got a miracle that turned them into something different, in a good way.

She was hit, slapped, and smacked by an ugly truth. It was about falling in damn thing called love. The unrequited one. She was a hundred percent sure that everything would be fine. But then she was wrong. Once again, she was saved by God.

Turning point, that’s what people call it. She found herself pressing her forehead to the ground, praising Lord’s name, crying out for help. Magically, something was shooting her heart. Warm and peacefully. She feels so much better now.

To meet God and asking for His blessings for anything you do is such a mandatory to keep you being sane in this cruel planet. A reminder, in case one day I turn into a monster. For anyone of us.



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