When I Made A Mistake


I’m a newbie. The real one. Composed such a great thesis twice only leave me with short-term happiness and permanent relief. Got some knowledge though they are still be the unfinished puzzles on my mind. I’m not that smart, but sometimes deep in my soul, I often whisper that I’m smarter than them.

What am I trying to say?

Oh yes. I made a mistake. I’m a newbie and I made my first mistake. This time, a big one. They called me, asked me the details, and I replied with zero fucking nonsenseness. I thought it was the easiest one, but I was wrong. A responsibility will never be the same word in my dictionary. It needs a strong commitment. Well, back to the failure. It’s not completely my own fault. They were also included. I’m not alone. But eyes and forefingers are pointing on me. Sucks to be myself right here, right now.

I learn. A lot. Literally. So many things I never knew before. Including this fucking failure ever. A life lesson, must be a preventive steps in the future. Mistakes. Learn. Repeat. Shaping someone to be wiser and nicer. I’m wishing hard for a sunny Monday.


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