Weekend Tune: Clazziquai Project – Fiesta

Look at you
한 손에 든 핑크 칵테일
바닷바람과 함께 쐬는 태양빛
한번도 가지지 못했던
느긋한 여유로움

(English translation)

Look at you
Holding a pink cocktail in one hand,
Soaking in the sunlight with the seashore wind
With a carefree easiness you were never able to possess

Clazziquai Project is one of my favorite K-Indie artist. Believe me, it’s totally different from K-pop. Basically, Clazziquai Project’s genre is electropop. They also bring other colors such as acid jazz, lounge, and groove. “Fiesta” sounds a lil bit real fiesta; cheerful, colorful, maracas, and that fiesta music instruments with a lil bit electro. Maybe a lil bit pinata and confetti. This joyful track was released on Love Child of the Century (2007) album.

Happy weekend, guys!

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