Weekend Tune: Miami Horror – Imagination

From their first album Illumination, “Imagination” is the winner among all the tracks. Keep on listening it for repeat this week, so I put this Australian electronic music band’s track on my weekly segment; Weekend Tune. They are called Miami Horror, consists of 4 people; Benjamin Plant, Josh Moriarty, Aaron Shanahan, and Daniel Whitechurch. Formed back in 2007, they focus on electronic music, nu-disco, dance pop, synthpop, and new wave music genre. Illumination is their first debut studio album launched in 2010. Their single “Sometimes” was included as a part of the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V. How cool they are!

The first time I listened to “Imagination”, it reminded me of Breakbot kind of music. I thought it was Breakbot’s but it’s not. Basically, I like this genre of music; dance pop or nu disco? I can’t tell. “Imagination” is another track that absolutely makes you wanna do 80’s dance moves. So, if you’re alone and seeking for a good music to dance with for, press the play button above.

I want you to know all about the things I’m dreaming
You’re never gonna know ’cause I’m lost with who I am
And I know that time is wasted for true imagination
So leave it all behind us now

Happy weekend, guys!

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