She & Him

She believes in zodiac somehow.

She is too young, careless.

She believes in love, though she doesn’t know what love is.

She has been in love for many times, but no one ever could make her happy.

They were all a temporary happiness.

She believes that someday the true happiness will come her way.

She is emotionally unstable.

She read too many love stories, a happily ever after kind of stories.

She always dreams of her own happily ever after love story.

She had a patience once.

She kept everything herself, until the bomb was exploding.

She is currently tired of everything she had been through.

She needs her ‘me time’ but she can’t stand alone under her own feet.

Somehow she needs somebody to escort her through all the shits that may come.

She is just a girl, with its default characteristics of a girl.

She is just an ordinary girl who broke somebody’s heart unintentionally.

She also hurts and broke her own heart, by herself.


He was a loner.

He has a question about love.

He may be trapped in very deep boredom.

He is too young, careless.

He is still seeking the meaning of his life, though maybe he has a big picture of it.

He can’t express himself in proper way.

He has a trouble with his emotion.

He is a nice guy by default.

He made mistakes, well he is just an ordinary human.

He is weird in a good way.


She met him.

She fell in love with him, too fast.

He fell in love with her, too fast.

They have been together until this time I’m writing this note.

Their love story is dysfunctional type of relationship.

But somehow they survive, at least until this time I’m writing this note.

In their bad times, she is keep on thinking, “is he the right one for me?”

In their good times, she feels that he is the right man for her.

No one knows. God knows.



They have to learn a lot about those things.

Hope they will survive.


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