Officially A Master Now



2 years ago, I had a thrilling yet joyful moment called final project defense (you can read the post here). Yesterday, it happened for the second time in my life; yes I had to defend my thesis as requirement to get MBA (Master of Business Administration) title. It wasn’t as thrilling as I did back when I was in undergraduate program, though I went back and forth to rest room. Worst, I felt like throwing up before the defense but thank God it didn’t happen. Nervous as hell but everything went smoothly.

Powerpoint slides I made was very simple, using the default template. I hadn’t practiced before. I was ready with questions that would be asked, related or not with my thesis. I just didn’t care. All I wanted was get these things done. I was examined by 2 lecturers; Mr. Hamsal and Mr. Pras. Both of them were really nice. They asked me several questions related to my thesis and I could answer all of them easily. But then, my thesis isn’t that perfect, they have to be more elaborated with some theories and stuffs. After struggling in a small translucent room for less than an hour, finally I got the satisfying result. It worths my effort after all this time.

I’d like to thank God for His countless blessings, my parents for their never ending support and love, Mr. Toha as my counselor for the guidance in finishing the thesis, Mr. Nanang as my supervisor for the guidance and the datas, Mr. Hamsal and Mr. Pras as the examiners for the advices, Entre 4 friends for the beautiful journey for the past (almost) 2 years, and Redian for the motivation.

Officially, I’m a MBA now. 


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