Weekend Tune: BANKS – Brain

Dark electronic, a little bit hip hop kind of music. Done with Made In Japan coma last week, it’s time to BANKS. Jillian Banks was never on my list. I’ve been introduced to BANKS by my music-mate, Keti. I was like ‘what kind of music is this?!’ it was imperfect time to listen to BANKS. But… now I’m kinda addicted to “Brain”.

Jillian Banks or known as BANKS, is Los Angeles, California based singer. Her first career began by uploaded track in Soundcloud. Reaching a large number of listener, she began to work with several recording label such as Good Years, Iamsound Records, and Harvest Records. BANKS was the opening act for The Weeknd during their fall 2013 international tour in the United States and the United Kingdom. She announced her own tour on March 2014 right after she has performed as the opening act for The Weeknd. The tour was in the United KIngdom. Last April 2014, BANKS performed at Coachella Music Festival, one of the biggest music festival in California. “Brain” will be the fourth track in Goddess, which is scheduled to be released this September 2014.

Happy weekend, guys!


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