Stop Being Dramatic If You’re Unshared or Unfollowed in Social Media

The title itself pictures the contain of this article. In this digital era, social media is a medium to talk. Sometimes it would be nice if we moan about something we don’t like or share happiness through our social media account. People like to be commended. People seeks for a little sympathy even empathy for whatever they share in socmed. I couldn’t say that most of socmed users are seeking for number of followers or friends they have. It would be a pride for them to have numbers shown off in followers section.

For some people, number of followers or friends isn’t that crucial in their life. Small group of closest friends with few of friends or even acquaintances feels like convenience to them. They can share whatever they feel without any fear to be stalked or even bullied by society. In this case, I want to talk about Path.

Path is a mobile application that is categorized as social media. Most of Indonesian are using Path as their main social media. They share everything through Path and some people connect it with Twitter or Facebook account. Number of followers isn’t the rule of this game. But how loyal your friends stay in your friend list.

The dramatic button in Path is unshare button, while Twitter has unfollow button. Ok so here comes the main idea of this article. Please people. Stop being dramatic when you have been unshared by your friend. Why? Maybe you should give yourself a thought. Where have you been wrong? Do your posts annoy people? Think about it twice or more then ask your friend who just kicked you out from their list. Mostly the reason is that your posts are not comprehended and too annoying.

Well, people. Just because your friend doesn’t understand what your posts about, doesn’t mean they don’t want to be your friend in the real life. Get a life! I mean the real one. You may be the nicest people in the real life.


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