10 Top Boyzone Songs

Posting 10 top Boyzone songs in the middle of night. Why Boyzone? I’m currently listening to Avicii. I can’t give you a reason why Boyzone but hey here are 10 top Boyzone songs you could sing along. These are my favorite. Not just a music and lyric, these songs always remind me of something. Though Boyzone was way behind Westlife in my playlist back then. Ok. Here is the list.

10. Everyday I Love You (1999)

I don’t really like slow romantic song. But this is one that is acceptable in my list. Though I don’t really like the piano in the intro, this song has got my heart when it comes to refrain.

9. You Needed Me (1999)

Similar to “Everyday I Love You” but much better. It’s slow romantic song at the beginning until the drums are rolled and the refrain is sung. I also love the part when the choirs sing along with Keating.

8. Baby Can I Hold You (1997)

Love the guitar in the intro. Though it’s also categorized as slow romantic song, but it’s better than the previous two.

7. When The Going Gets Tough (1999)

Ronan Keating looks so gorgeous in this music video. The original song is sung by Billy Ocean in 1985. Boyzone version never fail me.

6. Isn’t It A Wonder (1997)

Sounds so 90’s boyband. Actually “Key To My Life” also got #6 rank on my list. I like the bridge part of this song.

5. A Different Beat (1996)

Fall in love at the first sight when I watched the music video years ago. This song lifts my mood up. The lyric itself is great, tells us about humanity. And of course the ‘eeeyeaaa-o-eeeyeaaa-o to a different beat’ part is my favorite.

4. Coming Home Now (1996)

Typically 90’s boyband with echo deep sound at the beginning. The whole song gives you a warmhearted feeling. Highly recommended to be listened when it’s raining outside with your favorite couch.

3. Picture Of You (1997)

Main song of Mr. Bean movie. I love the whole song and the sephia-filtered music video.

2. Love Me For A Reason (1994)

Another cover song. “Love Me For A Reason” is originally brought by The Osmonds 20 years before Boyzone covered the track. With 90’s boyband touch, Boyzone version isn’t fail at all.

1. All That I Need (1998)

Say hi to the winner. One word: perfect!


4 thoughts on “10 Top Boyzone Songs”

  1. Hello Febie,

    I stumbled upon your blog looking for a decent top 10 (list) for Boyzone songs via Google. I’m currently updating my boyband playlist for a good trip down nostalgia lane and your entry has been really helpful. Thank you very much.

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