Weekend Tune: Esthero – That Girl

One of these things just doesn’t belong here
And look at that girl
Oh, I just don’t belong here
And look at that girl

90’s tune for this weekend. It goes to Esthero with her single “That Girl” from Breath From Another (1998). I don’t know who Esthero is. I just heard her name when I found out her song. Never knew that she exists and created such a great song. I listened to this song when I was watching I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998). “That Girl” was sounded when the main characters on that movie arrived to the hotel in Bahamas during Fourth of July vacation.

“That Girl” is typically 90’s pop music. I like the acoustic guitar and the beat. I also like the dark feeling that is created from bell or triangle or whatever it is, a little bit trip hop. Such a great combination of pop, soul jazz, and trip hop. Please press play and enjoy.

Happy weekend, guys!


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