Got early birthday surprise from friends. Opened my refrigerator in the next morning and found out the cutest and sweetest birthday gift from my best friend, Mega. Put my strikethrough on my wishlist since my beloved boyfriend gave me Instax for my birthday present. Notifications raining.

Oh I’m 22. Thank you all.

Wait. Should I whisper some wishes here? Some say that you have to be detail when you ask to God. Whatever your prayer is, if it is whispered faithfully, you’re gonna have it. So let me list my wishes for myself. Though God knows before it is written. ‘Be a better human’ is so last year.

22 years old. I’m getting older. So I wish I could be wiser than before. I want to get rid of my selfish trait so please, this year, I don’t want to be a selfish bitch anymore. I judge a lot, so please, this year, I want to judge less. Oh! Please give me back my super power: patience. I’ve lost it for a long time now, so please, this year, give me back my patience. What else?

I want to pass my MBA program on time with cum laude. I want to have more quality times with my family. I want to have new community, of course the positive and inspiring one. I want to get lot of loves everyday from my boyfriend, hope our relationship will bring us to the next level. I want to work at Unilever. I want to buy my own house.

Please. God. Just. Bless. My. Wishes. Thank. You.


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