Internship at Accelerads


Right after the final exam last semester, I decided to apply for internship at Accelerads. I got this internship opportunity email which has been sent by one of junior in college through mailing list. Didn’t know what to do for 2 months, I applied for sales & marketing division, which was the one and only vacancy opened at that time.

Accelerads is a start-up company that runs business in digital marketing industry. I had no idea about sales and marketing stuffs. Hmm no. I was a marketing staff back then when I was running my business project in 2nd year of college. I could boast this out for you that I was chosen as the employee of the month because I made lot of sales. But hell yeah. That was such a mandatory for us to reaching our sales target and I was just doing what I’m told. Besides, I have a super kind mommy that helped me through that s*. So basically, I have a little bit knowledge about marketing. And… zero knowledge about sales stuffs. Since I’ve done all the sales online, so direct selling was a new thing for me.

Ok back to Accelerads. Ya, I had an interview with these young men; Christoph and Daniel. I was nervous because that was the first time I had a job interview with foreigners. Actually I had considered about taking this opportunity or not, since I found out that the office was empty, there were approx 6 persons only. But instead of not having such a priceless experience that you can add into your resume, I decided to take this job. Yes, as a sales representative.

Well, as a inexperience sales, I had really hard times at the first week I worked there. Moreover, I was the one and only sales representative. I’ve just figured out that Accelerads had only 3 employees; me, Daniel as business development executive, and Christoph as the CEO.  Since both of them are foreigners that can’t speak bahasa fluently and the target market is small to medium enterprises, and unfortunately I was the one and only Indonesian sales representative, so the sales job description and responsibilities were all mine. Yes I had to do the whole things alone. All by myself.

God bless me. One week after the hard times, I got a new intern friend. Elisabeth, comes from the same university with me but she graduated from petroleum engineering faculty. Ok that was pretty odd for having petroleum engineering graduate in this sales & marketing internship. Whatever. I got a new friend. It meant that I wasn’t alone, I had a friend to be shared with, and I wasn’t the only stupid dumbass inexperience sales in this startup company.

Everyday, Mon to Fri, I had to dealing with telesales thingy. What I’ve done was making thousands of SME databases and making hundred calls everyday, offering the internet marketing service. I was also translating few documents from english to bahasa for our very first project called LokalAds. I could say that Elisabeth and I fully participated to make this project done. I also made my own sales pitch that has been used to sales training material. Cool enough, huh?

How about the customers? Did I get one? Hmm.. after 1 month working my ass off, I got one very potential customer that I had been followed up everyday. I could say that they were my potential customer because actually they haven’t signed the contract yet. They wanted us to held a meeting, talk about this internet marketing service could help them boost up their sales, in person. I set up the date but unfortunately I had to go before the meeting was ever held.

Basically, I hate to be rejected. And this job, as a telesales, gave me load of pressures. I was mentally enough with all those rejections. So I quitted after contributed myself for one month and 10 days. I guess that was enough for me for having such a great experience in sales and marketing stuffs.

Thank you Christoph and Daniel for the opportunity and priceless experience working in startup company. I hope we can work together next time. Thank you Elisabeth for being a good friend in happy and hard times.

PS: Accelerads is still looking for more sales & marketing intern. If you are interested in internet marketing, working at startup company and want to be the part of them, just simply send your CV to Daniel.

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