12 Highlights of 2013


Wow it’s the end of year and tomorrow we’re gonna leave 2013. So many upside downs this year and I’d like to recap 2013 in 12 highlights on each months. Let’s start from the very beginning; first month of the year 2013.

January: First Day of Master Program

Actually, I didn’t want to pursue my master degree this year, or I could say right after I graduated. I thought it would be better if I had a job first, earn my first salary and give it to my parents, and get master one year later. But then all my plans weren’t approved by mom. She said that she had a promise to herself to funding my master before she retired. Moreover I had a little time, almost got no choice and I was pushed to finish everything before get married with my ex back then. Because I was in hurry and didn’t want to live separately with my ex, I took an enrolment test in ITB and I got it.

I was a little bit excited on my first day of master program. A week before the first day of school, I had introduction program held in Sheraton Hotel Cengkareng. What I remember was Amazing Race games and my team was one of the winner that day. I remember that Nadia was the first person I talked to, my very first friend there. First day of school itself went well.

February: Turning 21

Finally legal age. I got a big surprise from my best friends. That was the second big surprise from my best friends after the one I got when I was 17. I’ve made a post on March 2013, issued my birthday. If you’re too lazy to go back to March, please kindly click here. Well, turning 21 give me lot of responsibility. Growing up sucks. Actually I don’t really like the idea of getting older.

March: Mission Accomplished

After watching Rectoverso, I had a random question popped up on my mind: is the scene of gorgeous guy comes towards a lonely and pathetic who is hanging around at the bar really gonna happen in the real life? I mean is it gonna be happen as easy as counting one two three? Then my friend and I figured out the answer, whether it’s just only the script or it’s gonna be happened in the real life. We went to the bar on Friday night. Skip to the result. The result was… we didn’t have enough guts to execute the exact scene from the movie. My friends called some of her friends for companion. We ended up in chit chat and laughter that day. I claimed that our mission has been accomplished. At least we went to the bar, one part of the mission. I don’t wanna prove it anymore. Maybe it’s just in a script. Or maybe it’s not gonna happen in my life.

April: Neutrogena Love

I met R on April. I asked him randomly to bring me a scrub facial wash; Neutrogena; when he was in Malaysia and he really bought me the facial wash. That was awkward yet fun. The beginning of everything started on April.

May: Heartstruck in Lokananta

Lokananta. 8 PM. Everything’s clear. After the Neutrogena tragedy, waiting for the 9 PM guy to ring my WhatsApp notification, voice note war, and the confessions of our deepest heart, I’m officially R’s that night. We decided to start a new life together. I’m so happy to having what I had asked to God back then.

June: Hong Kong – Macau & Malaysia Trip

I always love traveling. I went to Hong Kong and Macau for the first time with my mom and her coworkers. I also went to Malaysia with R for 3 days 2 nights. It was fun! Super fun! Finally I went to Disneyland, went to the biggest casino in Macau, went to see a park full of digital lights, drove a car and crash it to a big truck in Malaysia, had a crisis and emotional moment when R was too lazy to refuel the gas tank, had another emotional moment when R was too stubborn to not follow what Google Maps and Waze instructed, and many more.

July: We Love You Arsenal! 

Being a Gooner for one day with R. We went to GBK for Arsenal vs Indonesia match. We were so lucky to get VIP seat for only IDR 100K while the normal price was 450K or above, I forgot. That’s what a friend is for. Thank you Keith for the underprice ticket.

August: Laser Game With Entre 4

Actually there was no highlight for this month. But after reopen my diary, I guess the best moment on August was playing laser game with Entre 4. It was thrilling yet fun. All I could do was screaming and hiding behind the wall. LOL.

September: Met R’s Parents

Whoaw. I went to R’s house and met his parents. I was sooo nervous. But everything was ok. His mom was so welcome, I like her. Both of his parents were so fine.

October: O’Corner First Booth at GBK

I always remember how exhausting I was to prepare all the things for our first bazaar, from buying . Oh ya. O’Corner is my business project team. We provide Oreo-based snacks that’s gonna sweeten your life. For more details, you can go to our facebook page here, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter. #SekalianPromosi

November: First Day of Internship

Well, for those of you who don’t know, I’m working as intern from November until now at digital marketing company named Accelerads. The company is one of the subsidiaries of Mountain SEA, the venture capital from Switzerland. Accelerads is a new company, was established 3 months ago by some professionals in digital and online marketing. They’re great people who had experience in Lazada, Zalora, and Rocket Internet; big companies. Yeah I’m an intern there, dealing with sales & marketing stuffs. I’m gonna share you the completed version later.

December: Lampung Trip with Entre 4

That was the first time I had a road trip to Sumatra. It was really really fun. We explored Lampung City, trapped in the broken boat in the middle of sea for more than 2 hours, had seafood party at Pahawang Island, stepped on super white sands beach in Kelagian Island, and got swollen eyes just because I forgot to bring sunglasses. 4 days off from work was worth the trip.


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