Wedding or Marriage?


I have no idea why people are so mainstream. Every little interesting (mostly not really interesting) things that become a trend would be easier to absorbed and followed. From pieces of pastel colored macaroons, a plate of rainbow cake, apple gadgets, super cool fixie bicycle, overprice running shoes, what else? Oh yes I forgot to mention this new thing that unbelievably has became a trend in Indonesia; get married.

Once I thought that it was normal and common in my age to receive wedding inv(asion)itations, attend someone’s wedding, take hundred of photos in wedding hall with our cute dress and pretty make up, find out what catering is in the wedding party because the food is somehow has inspired you to your next wedding party, and got no other topics but wedding, wedding, and wedding.

Then somehow you start to envy, jealousy, and… here’s the intentions of get married. Moreover you already have boyfriend and your parents have been asking for gazillion times like one-time question isn’t enough about the time you’re gonna be sitting on the stage, shaking thousands of hands, and standing up for 2 hours with a happy face. You’ve started to figure out which pre-wedding photographer that offers cheap price, which wedding organiser that has great track record, and wedding stuffs you wish you would have as soon as possible. You stalk your friends who’s gonna get married or engaged soon on daily basis.

Scary isn’t it? In fact, we are, I am, still 21 years old. Too young to think about marriage thingy, while I always said that I wanted to get married at 24 or 25. We, I mean, I just wanted a perfect wedding party with my partner. I don’t really want the marriage for now, since I still snooze my alarm in the morning and tidy up my bed rarely. I still crave for flexible quality time with friends. I have no idea how to take care a child, I even don’t know how to play with kids and often trapped in awkward situation every time I’m surrounded with kids. I am mentally 21 years old in common, not that kind of girl who is hundred percent ready for growing a family.

In other words, I have been suggested by wedding trend these days. I realized it a hundred percent now. Actually someone’s tweets about this wedding trend have opened my eyes wider, enlightened my vision. This sounds embarrassing but I even dropped some tears for the fact that my partner wasn’t ready to get married. Yeah you’ve read my previous-embarrassing-post.

What’s next? I will live my life to the fullest, act and think like common people in my age, achieve my goals, and keep on hoping that someday I will marry the right man in the right time and it will be the most wonderful wedding and marriage ever in my life.

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