6 Favorite Songs About Life

I’m so fed up with love songs. So I made a playlist of life songs. These favorites songs talk about how hard life is, so realistic. Go googling the lyric.

1. Passion Pit – Take A Walk

Practice isn’t perfect
but the market cuts a loss.
I remind myself that times could be much worse.
My wife won’t ask me questions-
there’s not so much to ask.
And she’ll never flaunt around an empty purse.
Once my mother-in-law came
Just to stay a couple nights
And decided she would stay the rest of her life.
I watch my little children
Play some boardgame in the kitchen
And I sit and pray they never feel my strife.
But then my partner called to say the pension funds were gone
He made some bad investments, now the accounts are overdrawn
I took a walk.

Go here for full lyric

2. The Script – For The First Time

She’s all laid up in bed with a broken heart
While I’m drinking Jack all alone in my local bar and we don’t know how
How we got into this mad situation, only doing things out of frustration
Trying to make it work, but, man, these times are hard

She needs me now but I can’t seem to find the time
I got a new job now on the unemployment line and we don’t know how
How we got into this mess, is it God’s test? Someone help us ’cause we’re doing our best
Trying to make things work, but, man, these times are hard

Go here for full lyric

3. OneRepublic – Counting Stars

Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard,
Said, no more counting dollars
We’ll be counting stars, yeah we’ll be counting stars

I see this life like a swinging vine
Swing my heart across the line
And my face is flashing signs
Seek it out and you shall find
Old, but I’m not that old
Young, but I’m not that bold
I don’t think the world is sold
I’m just doing what we’re told
I feel something so right
Doing the wrong thing
I feel something so wrong
Doing the right thing
I could lie, coudn’t I, could lie
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

Go here for full lyric

4. Sum 41 – We’re All To Blame

Take everything left from me.
(All to blame)
How can we still succeed, taking what we don’t need?
Telling lies, alibis, selling all the hate that we breed
Supersize our tragedy
(You can’t defy me, or justify greed)
Bought in the land of the free
(The free)

Realize we spend our lives living in a culture of fear
Stand to salute say thanks to the man of the year
How did we all come to this?
(You can’t defy me, or justify greed!)
It’s greed that we just can’t resist

Go here for full lyric

5. The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s On Fire

It seems like everyone is on your side
We’re outnumbered by those who take no pride
In constantly moving against the tide
Charlatans just out of reach and out of time

Go here for full lyric

6. Avicii – Wake Me Up

They tell me I’m too young to understand
They say I’m caught up in a dream
Well life will pass me by if I don’t open up my eyes
Well that’s fine by me

So wake me up when it’s all over
When I’m wiser and I’m older
All this time I was finding myself, and I
Didn’t know I was lost

Go here for full lyric

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