60 Things I Learned From Being 21


1. Don’t ever hit snooze button

2. Scroll your socmed timeline is much better than post something there

3. Start saving your money for your better future

4. The best investment is in property sector

5. Your real friends are just few people who really support you to achieve your life goals

6. Friends come and go. You can’t always have them around

7. Find the future husband, not just a boyfriend

8. You can’t buy time

9. Not everyone is going to like you

10. A man in long sleeve shirt and slim fit trousers is attractive than the t-shirt jeans converse guy

11. You’re going to regret that you ever fell in love with badass

12. Love needs patience. I repeat, big patience

13. Going to club on weekend and being in the middle of crowd tripping isn’t that fun

14. Alcohol leads you to something bad

15. Wedding invitations are everywhere

16. Don’t say “I love you” unless you mean it

17. Smartphone ruins your life

18. Sunday morning isn’t for cartoon marathon anymore. It’s for future investment talkshow with mom

19. Mom’s always right

20. Exes are not worth taking back

21. Don’t give a hundred percent of your love unless it’s for your parents

22. What stayed in the past, it’s in the past. Present matters

23. Smoking a pack of cigarette a day makes your temper turns higher

24. Forgive

25. The real world can be so mean

26. Talking with harsh words isn’t cool

27. Curse less

28. Live your college life to the fullest. Join every organizations inside for your experience and broad networking

29. Good person deserves another good person. Vice versa

30. Being an asshole gives you totally zero coolness

31. Do crazy things once in your lifetime but remember, don’t do something harmful for others

32. Read news

33. Judge less

34. Explore blogs and you’ll find something new and interesting there

35. Eyeliner, BB cream, and pink-red lipstick could save your life

36. Stop talking someone behind their backs, unless you like to be talked by people behind your backs

37. Treat people nicely

38. Mineral water is the best liquid substance for your body

39. Don’t let all people in this world know your current problem

40. Distinguish the difference between love and lust. Though love always contains lust inside

41. Start to walk in other’s shoes to know how it feels like to be them

42. Respect others

43. Developing a business is hard without a strong effort and belief that it will work

44. Stop worrying, wondering, doubting. If it meant to be, it meant to be for you

45. Passion is what makes your life worth living. Go define it now

46. “What comes around, goes around” is true

47. Helping others gives you shot of happiness

48. All people in this world are basically a good person. It’s just their choice to make their personality worsen or not

49. Don’t be too naive

50. It’s not that easy to get a job unless you have broadly connections or links

51. Stop being mean

52. Don’t expect too much. Expectation leads you to disappointed

53. Never underestimate your problem or your ability to deal with it

54. Have branded stuffs may give you unlimited dissatisfaction. You may want it more and more

55. GPA IS important, especially for fresh graduate

56. Be just the way you are. Don’t push yourself trying to be others

57. The best way (so far) to fix your broken heart is drinking 600 ml mineral water in a gulp

58. Stay up all night with your laptop will give you a pair of flutter eyes

59. You can’t always blame others for something. Look at yourself first

60. Go pray to your God, thank Him when you’re happy. Ask Him for the best solution in your distress


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