10 Things To Do When You Are Bored


You feel bored and don’t know what to do. You want to feel the vibe of happiness, which will get back your spirit of life. OK. Here’s some tips that can be practiced easily right here right now. Some might be a simple little thing. But it’s totally helping you out of the boredom.

1. Sing

Sing every songs you ever know without or within read the lyric. Yes, just sing it. You don’t have to worry about how good or bad your voice is. Open your iTunes or whatever music player you have. If you don’t have a song in your library, you can go to Youtube video with lyric, Grooveshark, or Soundcloud. You can start with a song that matches your current mood to release your emotion.

2. Play LINE Pokopang

The most recent popular puzzle game in iOS and Android. I know it’s quite annoying when you receive LINE Pokopang notification from your friend instead of receive LINE chat notification from your someone special. But once you played, you’re gonna love it. And you’re gonna be one of those annoying clover beggars.

3. Scroll your Path, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media you have

Boring time is the perfect time for you to update your social life. You can start from scroll your Path timeline, where people update (or show off) what fancy breakfast/lunch/dinner they have, 9gag posts, inspirational quote, laughable things, what songs that describe their feelings at the moment, what cool-and-cutie-cafe-that-I-must-let-people-know-that-I’m-here-and-you-should-visit-someday place that really hype, books you read, or whatever. Then you can start open your instagram and scroll what outfit your friends wear, another food porn picture, and some random minimalist interior design and patterns that will make your coolness increase to hipster level. Oh maybe you wonder how’s traffic jam outta there? Go check your twitter.

4. Write an imaginary story about you

Your life sucks. Why don’t you write your life scene by yourself? You can start by imagining the ideal life you want to have and write it down on a piece of a paper. Too lazy to write on a paper or you don’t have any pen/pencil? I’m sure you have a laptop or PC and one package of Microsoft Office. Go open Microsoft Word and start to daydreaming. If you’re confident enough, you can share your imaginary life on your blog. Somehow, I believe that your writing will come true someday. Because your imaginary script is your dream and prayer that could happen in real life.

5. Rearrange your fridge magnets

Get out from your bedroom and start to look at your fridge. How many fridge magnets do you have? Let’s rearrange it! If you have lots of magnet types such as animals, transportations, or just a tourism place from abroad, you can rearrange your magnets into a story. You can also rearrange your magnets into a form such as flowers, robots, or face.

6. Visit some homepages in your bookmark folder

I suggest you to open some sites that you haven’t been visited for long time. Maybe the site has been reconstructed into a cool website, so you can gain some updated informations. Some of your links may be expired long time ago and turned into a restricted website that your internet provider won’t let you to access that.

7. Running on an escalator that’s going on the opposite direction

Boring times means that you are able to experience something that you haven’t felt before. Go to the mall nearby. The abandoned mall is recommended. Take an escalator on the opposite way or wrong direction and try to reach the floor. If you take down escalator, try to running to the top. Vice versa.

8. Discuss about random things

Call your best friend and ask him/her to discuss about random things around. You can start with this question: “Who has invented the alphabet?” or “Where was the first asphalt created in Jakarta?”. Some random things, which is still your mystery, could be answered and another informations gained for you. Doesn’t matter if it’s the fact or not, it’ll be fun discussing those silly-but-I-really-need-to-know-the-truth things with your friend.

9. Build some dominoes into a line and crash it

10. Visit and read my blog

Gotcha! You’re totally bored to death and now you’re reading my blog.


2 thoughts on “10 Things To Do When You Are Bored”

  1. hi

    Point 4. Write an imaginary story about you is very intersting and now i am going to write my life. May be i will get one life that i wrote myself crazy good idea

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