Big Slap


First of all, I decide to stop my 30 days of challenge. Been busy lately and I couldn’t write the fourteenth, fifteenth, or thirtieth challenges. It’s already expired and I know, I’m absolutely fail.

OK. Let’s go back to the main topic. I worry too much. Some of my worries turned into something I doubt. And I always wonder about something. Oh wait a minute. I mean anything, not only something. This isn’t good when you want to know every details of anything. Yes, anything. In other words, Knowing Every Particular Object (KEPO). I know this isn’t good.

Mostly I worry and wonder about my love life. I always have this question on my mind: does my boyfriend love me? It turns into doubt. Whereas, everything’s alright. I have asked my boyfriend many times, directly, and he answered that he loves me. It’s quite annoying to be asked the same question for many times. But that’s what I do to him. It’s all because of my unnecessary wonder, worry, and doubt. So sorry, honey.

Got this picture from my friend’s path this afternoon, I seemed to have a big slap on my face. Yes, I have to stop wondering, worrying, and of course stop doubting. I have to live the present to the fullest and see how things will work. I have to have a faith that everything’s gonna be alright, gonna be work out just how its meant to be.


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