Day 9 – How Important You Think Education Is

Extremely important.

Even though knowledge could be obtained not by education, I think education is one of the survival guides in life. There are few of people who doesn’t have high education and live in glory. But I guess they are just few people who are blessed to be lucky. But still, I think education is extremely important.

Nowadays, people compete to live prosper and proper in the middle of economic crisis, which seems to be endless issue. In my country, Indonesia, the higher education you get, the more you are sought. At least you have PhD or MBA title behind your name, which indicates you have finished higher education, you can get job easily or you can be promoted within normal years (let’s say 3 years of working). Maybe this only works for some people, but that’s what I heard from friends and my mom.

However, the highest education you get doesn’t always indicate that you will live prosper and proper. It all depends on how deep knowledge you absorbed when you were in college or university. And this one is more important than only having deep knowledge: communication skill. Those two important things are obtained when you get an education. So, I think education is extremely important. Once again, extremely important. And I love educated people.


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