Day 6 – Your Views On Mainstream Music

Let’s say mainstream music is a genre of music and/or song that is repeated for gazillion times on the radio, tv, and your itunes, which people know it, listen to it, sing it, and love it. You can find what kind of mainstream music is at top 40 radio chart. Mostly are categorised as mainstream music. Mainstream music is designed to be easy listening, so it can’t get off easily of your mind. Usually the lyric tells us about love, sex, affair, money, and other useless lyric that has no particular meaning at all. The whole point is entertainment.

I admit that i listen to that kind of music, sometimes. However, i prefer to listen to genre of music and/or song that is not really hype and there’s just few people know the song. It doesn’t mean that i’m anti mainstream. I believe that genre of music, whether it is mainstream now or then or not, is about personal taste. It is subjective. So it’s all up to you. If i have to make a conclusion, i’m not into mainstream music and that’s how i define mainstream music.

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