Day 1 – Five Ways To Win Your Heart

I’m easily attracted to humorous people. I think this is the first point i will seek from someone. I’d rather be with this kind of guy who has the same humour and can make me laugh like crazy than be with someone who is friendly and nice but they don’t have good sense of humour.

Honest and trust. I love honest people. Because honesty will lead to trustworthiness. Be with people who has these two will cherish your days because these two are the key of human relationship.

Good taste in music. This is somewhat important to me. Somehow i believe that your favourite radio station and genre of music defines who you really are. I’m not into people who listens to top 40, especially “hits terbaik dunia” radio station, and/or who listens to jedag-jedug-disko-norak-itc kind of music.

Smart. Oh yes this is definitely everybody’s criteria. They don’t need to know everything, but specific field they love and they are expert in it. It would be good if they also up-to-date to news, pay attention to it, and can give their perspective through it.

I love surprises. I mean surprises that make me wanna do happy jump such as random short escape to a place i’ve never been before or simply just a proper hug in the middle of busy hours.


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