Family Portrait

I am raised in broken home family. My parents divorced when I was 12 years old. I never regret or felt sad about it. I thought maybe this is the best way for them to live separately. Since my parents never had quality time together, even for a little chit chat, I didn’t feel any significant change after they divorced. I never saw how romantic they were as husband and wife. Seems like they never been in true love each other.

Now. At this very moment, I’m sad found out that I don’t have (and will never have) a complete family members living under the same roof. I will never see my parents have chit chat, hug each other, or have a short trip with their children, just like the other normal parents do.

Looking at my graduation a year ago, my dad refused to be in one frame with me, mom, and brother. Hey dad. It was my graduation day. Why didn’t you just throw away your ego, revenge, hate, or whatever it is, and just be there in once or twice shots of picture? It’s just a picture. In my graduation day, which happened once in a lifetime. Pathetic Febie is pathetic.


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