Day 23: A Letter To Someone

Dear Abang,

I have this idea to write you a letter right after I arrived home. You know what, I always have random thoughts and most of it are thoughts about you, about us. I always plan to say it all to you face to face but I was speechless, all the words that have been set up in my head just gone when I saw your face. I’m sure you’ll read this so let me tell you what’s on my mind at the time.

First of all, I wanna say thank you for loving me. Thank you for being a good friend and boyfriend at the same time. Thank you for the weird and silly things you always do that always successfully make me laugh. You know what, my days are brighten up since I met you. You bring me different colors to my life, I’m not lying. You were a savior to my gloomy days back then.

Bang, have you read my previous letter? Maybe you should read it. I don’t wanna rewrite it here. OK now I assume you have read my letter. Speaking of our lost soul, I hope we can find our soul together. We will find our long lost happiness, someday. I wish you would stay here with me to help me find my happiness. I will stay too until you can define your goal and reach it. Amen.

I wanna talk about your weaknesses, or let’s say few things I don’t like about you. I don’t like how ‘lewos’ you are. I mean, you don’t prepare something seriously, some kind of procrastinate. Most of times, you underestimate something that maybe an important thing. The other things I don’t like about you is that you’re pretty stubborn. I don’t like your negative thoughts that sometimes pop up on your mind. I think these things are too dangerous for you and have to be eliminated. Well, this is my responsibility to change you to be a better person. I hope I can make you a better person. But first, I wanna say sorry for my control freak trait.

What else? Hmm. I think that’s all for today. I have nothing to say. I hope I can tell you directly when we meet, if only I have some random thoughts about you, about us.

Goodnight. I love you!


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