Day 20: Concerts You Have Attended

1. Javasoulnation 2011


Highlights: DEPAPEPE! Remember my post about my dream concert? Just click this right away to view. I’ve reviewed Javasoulnation 2011 on my post here.

2. Javarockingland 2011


Highlights: 30 Seconds To Mars and Good Charlotte. BUT, I didn’t attend 30STM, sniff sniff. I wasn’t really into concert at that time. I watched Good Charlotte performance from far behind the crowd lazily.

3. Live n Rockin 2011

live n rockin'

Highlights: Suede and 2PM. HA-HA! Go laughing at me. I was into k-pop at that time and I was almost insane at that time knowing the fact that I got the ticket for free. Once again, for free. I could say that Blackberry marketing for Torch at that time was fail. The ticket was supposed to be got by buying the new Blackberry Torch. Maybe there were lot of tickets remaining and the sales was stuck, so Blackberry gave it out for free. Read my review here.

4. Incubus 2011

Incubus World Tour 2011-2012; Jakarta, Indonesia

THE. BEST. CONCERT. EVER. One of the best days in my life is watching my favorite band ever performs live in front of my eyes. I can’t forget how amazing Incubus was. I’ve written the review here. Go read.

5. Mocca Dear Friends 2012


Accidentally watched this concert because I was invited by my ex. Since I like and can sing almost of Mocca’s songs, I enjoyed the whole performance. Go read my review here.


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