Day 19: A List of All The Places You’ve Lived At

Since my parents were nomad, I had lived in several cities in Indonesia. All of them are big cities in Indonesia. Let me begin with my hometown.

1. Bandung

I was born in Bandung 21 years ago. I don’t remember if I ever lived for months or years here after I was born, because my memories begin with my childhood in Surabaya. I came back to Bandung on 2009 and left on 2012 for college. 3 years living in Bandung give me lot of joy. I could drive from my home in Buah Batu to my campus at Tamansari only for 30 minutes. 45 minutes on top. I could drive anywhere I like without significant traffic jam. Even though at weekend, (God bless me) I wasn’t trapped in traffic. Only in Bandung I gained my weight to 5 kgs. BTW, I miss Bandung so much. I miss its fresh freezing air, its traffic, and of course its food.

2. Surabaya

One word: hot. I studied my kindergarten and elementary school there, but only until I was in second grade. The picture above is the statue of Sura (the shark) and Baya (the crocodile), which represents statue symbol of Surabaya city. It is located next to Surabaya Zoo, which I used to visit when I was kid. All I can remember about Surabaya are its mall called Tunjungan Plaza, its Submarine Museum, Karah Indah Residence, and Ketintang Street.

3. Medan

Horas bah! I moved to Medan from 1999 and left on 2005. I studied my elementary school and junior high school there but only until I was in eight grade. Medan is quite hot but better than Surabaya. All I can remember about this city are its supir angkot, sate padang, Taman Setiabudi Indah Residence, Deli Plaza, and my memories of elementary school.

4. Jakarta

This is where I live in now. I moved to Jakarta on 2005. Like everybody knows it well, Jakarta is full of shit. Traffic jam, pollution, crimes, temperament human, freedom, cruelty, etc. However, I’m still in love with Jakarta and its beautiful lights on night.


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