Day 17: What Do You Want to Be When You Get Older?

Sorry for super late post. I was too lazy to do the challenge. Ok let me begin to do the challenge for day 17.

What do I want to be when I get older? Hmm. If it’s related to job, I could say I still haven’t figured it out clearly yet. But I have this vision about what job field I would be working on. Since my education background is business management, I think I will handle management thingy. It could be finance, marketing, human resource, and/or operations. I have learnt and took operations management as my concentration back then, so I think it would suit me best to working on jobs related to operations management. But I also like to learn about marketing. It’s interesting enough and it’s ok for me to be placed in marketing division, someday. Speaking of jobs, Unilever is my dream company since high school. I am interested in working on consumer goods company. L’Oreal, P&G, and 3M are my other alternatives. I will be one of the chief there, someday. Amin.

When I get older, of course I want to be a better people. I want to be wiser, more sophisticated, be a more patient person, be a person who is sincere, and be a person who is close to God. I want to do what I really love. I want my passion has been defined so I will enjoy every single thing I do. Enjoy my life. I want to be rich. I want to marry my soulmate and raise 2 children. What else?


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