Day 9: Pet Peeves


Speaking of pet peeves, I have a lot to be named on. But maybe these are the most annoying things that get on my nerves:

  1. The sound of motorcycle at high speed
  2. Advertising on Youtube or popped up ad
  3. Non-stop-talking person or talkative level 100
  4. Stubborn person who doesn’t admit that they’re wrong
  5. EDGE signal
  6. When people don’t reply my chat whereas I know they’re typing the chat but don’t send it immediately
  7. Being spied while playing with my laptop
  8. People who think that they know everything
  9. Stupid motorcycle bikers
  10. Dirty public toilet
  11. Spam
  12. Interrupted conversation
  13. Unexpected company comes over when you want to be alone
  14. One sided conversation
  15. Durian, papaya, and banana
  16. Grain of rices on the sink at fast food restaurant
  17. Accidentally clicked “don’t save” option after working on something for hours
  18. Empty mineral water gallon
  19. Negative people
  20. Impolite people

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