Day 4: The Meaning Behind Your WordPress Name

Actually this day’s topic is the meaning behind your Tumblr name. But because I’m using WordPress, I changed the subject with WordPress. And I’d like to share you the meaning behind my WordPress name; mnemosyne.


I had a notebook, which was functioned as diary named Mnemosyne. I googled what mnemosyne means. Based on Wikipedia, Mnemosyne was the personification of memory in Greek mythology. What a good name. So when I decided to make a blog, I use mnemosyne as the blog title. I named my blog Digital Mnemosyne back then. It was meant for distinguish blog, which is digital and manual notebook. But I thought the word “digital” was cheesy so I removed that word and using mnemosyne name only.

Why didn’t I name my address with mnemosyne name? Simply because I want people find me easily. Once I had “febieca” for my blog address, which represents my nickname/username on every social media I have. But I forgot the password and the address is no longer available. So I use febiec for my address name. It represents my name enough.

That’s all. I hope my blog contains enough memories to be read on the future. This such a note to myself to be more diligent to put down all the journeys, dreams, reviews, and thoughts here. And hopefully this blog gives people benefits.


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