Day 3: Your Day In Great Detail

4:15 – My mom woke me up for sahur. She moved my laptop from my bed to desk. I realized that my Skype was on and Abang just woke up earlier than me. I went downstair for a cardboard of milk and few gulps of water and then went back to my room. Abang was still on Skype and we chatted until morning. 6:30 he signed out and went to office and I continued my delayed sleep.

9:10 – I woke up. Checked my phone and I found a chat with sad emoticon and content from my best friend. Such a surprise in bad way for me to read. I replied her chat and sat in front of my laptop, thinking. Then I was lost for hours on internet thingy until I realized that I had an appointment with Bule.

12:30 – I called Bule for times, she didn’t answer. Then I called her home and forced her assistant to wake her up. If I didn’t do that, she wouldn’t wake up and forgot that she had an appointment.

13:30 – Took a bath.

13:45 – On the way to Sency with my bro. He had an appointment with his friends. We had the same appointment actually: watching The Conjuring at 14:45.

14:45 – Ear clogging time!

17:15 – Went to food court with Bule. Abang joined us for breakfasting. I ordered lamb kebab, it tastes good but I didn’t finish it. I was so full.

18:15 – Horlicks time at Killiney Kopitiam.

19:30 – Went back home with Abang.

21:00 – Called my best friend. Sad story that makes me thinking about how funny human is.

21:50 – Blogging.

Ok. Is that detail enough? Hmm ok, the movie. It was… 7/10. Evil Dead’s satan is still the scariest satan this year. Hmm overall? Happy 80%, the rest is for feel sorry for my best friend.


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