Day 2: 10 Likes & Dislikes

What I like:

1. I like daydreaming. It could be anytime, anywhere, on regular basis. Usually I lock my view to one thing and imagine a particular event or simply just imagine what might happen with the thing that I look.

2. This may be categorized as love: fried rice. That’s my all-time favorite food since I was kid. Such a mandatory for me to order a plate of fried rice anywhere I go. And it’s also a mandatory for me to finish it without leaving a grain of rice, whether the taste is good or bad.

3. Play with my doll’s ears. Ok this is weird but I can’t help myself to not do it, especially before sleep. I have two bolsters with head, which has been there since I wasn’t born yet. They have a fluffy ears that I can’t resist to touch. I also have a rabbit doll with super fluffy long ears. Gemesh.

4. While I’m driving, I like to spy a car behind me through rearview mirror. I do it while driving and/or stop in red light. I find it fun, especially when I caught a couple were fighting, a driver picked up his nose, blank expression upon people’s face, someone sang on mute, and other random expressions.

5. Talking about world’s conspiracies is one of my favorite thing to do. Listening to people’s opinion about this universe’s mystery, unexplained, and intrigue would open my eyes wider and mind broader, even though this would led to nowhere because mystery is still a mystery, unless it has been happened and proved.

6. Hugs and kisses for no reason at all. I think it’s romantic when your beloved one hugs you from behind while you’re busy with your tasks or kisses you and tell you how much he loves you. Randomly for no reason at all. Cute!

7. I like playing with codes, especially html and css. I’ve found it fun for the first time while I was dealing with friendster themes back then, followed by blogspot themes. The thing is that codes for customization is fun!

8. I often change my phone’s wallpapers. When it comes to wallpaper, I’d like to change it to the patterned wallpaper. Whatever the pattern is from flowers, psychedelic art, tribals, damask, to icons.

9. Good times with good friends. Who doesn’t like it? I always love hours spent with my beloved high school best friends with laughter and stories. Priceless.

10. I like the smell of gasoline. I don’t know why it smells good for me. Don’t call me weird before you watch this video.

What I dislike:

1. Waiting! Yes. This is placed on the highest priority of my dislikes list. Waiting sucks. It gives you uneasy feeling while waiting. Moreover if there’s nothing to be played during the time.

2. I don’t really like fruits. I only accept oranges, strawberry, apple, and kiwi. It simply because they don’t smell. The main reason I don’t like fruits because they smell.

3. I like traveling but I don’t like when I have to mudik to mom’s hometown, Boyolali. I enjoyed it when I was kid. But I don’t know why I don’t really like mudik. I prefer stay in Jakarta. Hmm.. maybe because I don’t know what to talking about with my cousins. It seems like we have different interests and I don’t know what to say when they start to talking in Javanese language. Moreover, when I found the fact that my mom’s hometown is lack of cellular signal, I became too lazy to mudik.

4. Stupid people who’s driving on busway line. Actually I don’t really like disobedient and ignorant people, though I’m usually being one of them. But driving on busway line? It’s unforgiven. I’m proudly announce that I never took busway line. I always drive on car line no matter how chaos the traffic is.

5. Ok maybe this could be categorized as phobia: worms. Eww! Case closed.

6. Violence news on media. It hurts me so bad when I have to watch or read bad news, especially when it comes to violence thingy. I think we need some good news to be announced than those murders, war, chaotic, abuse, and others violence news to keep our mind healthy living in this world.

7. I dislike soda. I still can’t accept the fact that some people drink a bottle of soda quickly when they’re thirsty. Ew man! Doesn’t it hurt your throat so bad? Soda electrocutes my tongue, hurts my throat and my nose when I burp.

8. This sounds mean but I dislike slow learning people a.k.a orang lemot. Maybe I’ll forgive people who is slow-learning person naturally. But don’t you ever deliberate it and pretend like you don’t know anything just for testing my knowledge.

9. Dishonest people. I believe that honesty is number one in every human relationship on Earth. So when someone becomes a liar, maybe I can’t trust him/her. But in some cases, such as white lies, it could be forgiven. Maybe. Depends on how trustworthy the person is.

10. I can say that I hate politic. I think politic only leads to endless war. Politic is full of bullshits, personal interest, injustice, and craftiness.


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