Traveling Partners: Which One Are You?

Some people prefer to travel alone, some others prefer the opposite. I’m one of the people who believes that traveling will be so much easier and more enjoyable if done in group. Based on my few experiences on traveling in group, it would be so much more fun and convenient if in your group you have at least one person fitting each of these roles:

The Organizer

It doesn’t have to be the one who comes up with the idea, but at least the one who actually tries to gather members, leads a discussion to set up destination and dates, then takes care of stuffs like how you’ll get there and what you’ll need; or the one who divides the responsibilities and delegates people to do it. Without this person, ideas will remain to be ideas and there won’t be any group traveling happening in the first place.

The Driver

Traveling by private car (rented/your own) has its own advantages. You can always stop wherever you want, whenever you need. Sure you’ll have to fill it with gas, but if the car is filled with 6/7 people, you might even save from spending too much time and money on public transportation. The most important thing is, the car won’t run by itself, so you’ll need at least one (not advised, cause it can be so much tiring especially for long trip) person who can drive the car, safely, willingly.

The (Overly) Prepared

It will only be fair if everyone chips in on the things that your group needs for the trip. The responsibility to fulfill that list of tools and equipments, food and beverages, and other complementary objects that you’ll use during the trip can be divided. Still, by the time you’re on the trip, anyone could suddenly comes up with the need of things that aren’t on the list: nail clipper, lighter, flashlight, batteries, charger, medicine, toothpaste, additional clothes, etc etc. Guess who’s got it? The one who we often deem as (overly) prepared.

The Camper

Camping is cheap, and intimate. You’ve got to focus on the destination and the interaction rather than enjoying yourself over a nice accommodation. However, you will need certain equipments and skills to set up a decent camping site. This person has got to know how to pick a proper area to camp, set up a tent, look for water source, gather branches, make a camp fire, prepare a place for cooking, etc. A real asset to the group as not everyone knows how to do these stuffs and not everyone is interested in learning how to.

The Cook

In some places we can find food easily and cheaply sold, but what if your destination makes it impossible for you to buy your food there, or what if you just want to enjoy the pleasure of cooking and having meal together at the camp? You would have to bring your own food. Nowadays there are lots of conveniently packed preserved food, it might do the job to fill your stomach, but what’s better than comforting yourself with homemade taste food? For this you have to bring real food ingredients that needs real cooking. A head chef who knows what he/she is doing is always needed to lead the process.

The Photographer

At an era like now, photos are the most popular, convenient way to preserve memories, a simple proof. Moreover, nowadays some people are getting more and more interested in photography and very familiar with all the techniques and equipments. Either to capture moments, or just to take that picture of you standing with the landscape as the background, it will be everyone’s interest to be able to get high quality pictures, thanks to the photographer. It’s better if there are at least two photographers in a group, so that each of them can get some pictures of their own.

The Guitarist

Sitting around the camp fire, singing along accompanied by acoustic guitar, is just a classic way to enjoy your nights (or days) while camping with friends. Not only that, it’s no harm to anybody to enjoy some music anywhere anytime on your trip as music is a great enjoyable way to cheer up the mood of the group. Well, you can bring mini portable speaker and play some music from your ipod, but it’s more classy and exciting when someone can actually play every song you request on a guitar, which is quite portable as well.

The Adventurer 

Well, actually it would be great if every single one of the group members is adventurous. What I mean by an adventurer is someone who does things spontaneously, are not afraid to do new challenging things, wants to actually “go out” and explore. Well I would wonder why people with the complete opposite set of treats would even travel. However, not everyone is born with absolutely no fear and self limitations, so one adventurer would be a great locomotive for the group to actually do fun, exciting, unpredictable things during the trip.

The Joker

Traveling with other people without laugh? Might as well travel alone. The most substantial advantage from traveling in group is the massive amount of laugh that you can get. Some people are born with more wit and they seem to be just capable of making everything they say funny. I really love to laugh, so I must say without them, a trip is just like a desert without any oasis. Hahahahahahahahahahh, never mind, I’m not a joker obviously.

The Bullied

Admit it, the joker works best when there’s the bullied. Don’t get this wrong, the bullied should be the one who’s open-minded enough, kind enough, to not take any of the jokes seriously, knowing that it’s merely for the greater good of the whole group’s mood. If having read this you feel like I’m a bully, than it’s more likely that you’re the type that’s gonna be bullied. Nah, just kidding, relax. It’d be fun to travel with people whom we are close to, and aren’t people the closest when they can make fun of each other?

The Silent/The New Member

So that there is more that can be explored from your group, giving your relationship space to develop. Maybe one night, under the stars, in front of your camp fire, you’ll be surprised that someone finally opens up, gives comments or even shares stories. It’s like keeping a box of excitement that can open anytime. Plus, it’s always great to know new people, the world’s a small place, fates are intertwined, you won’t know who and how and when and where those new people can give another meaning in your life.

So, which one are you? It doesn’t have to be just one, and there are even some other roles which I can’t think of now, depending on the situation there might be times when we actually have to fill more than one role for the sake of the group. Well, the ideal situation is that no one feels burdened or unhappy doing what they have to do, because in the end, the goal is simply for everyone to enjoy the trip.

(Source: Alida Nur Sakinah’s note)


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