Tech Freak (2)

This post aims to continuing my post in the past 2010. I am still a tech freak and there were lot of changes in gadget in the past 3 years. So here is the list.

11. Blackberry Onyx


I thought Blackberry Bold 9000 would be my last. But then trackball problems, the frequency of crash and automatically restart had me to change to another new one. I chose the next generation of Bold, which was Blackberry Bold 9700 or so called Blackberry Onyx. Because black is the main color at that time, I bought the black color. I also have ever experienced the second generation of Onyx, which is called Blackberry 9780/Onyx 2. I used the white one at that time.

12. Blackberry Torch

torchI am easily bored with stuff. When I saw Blackberry Torch in my Mom’s room, I asked her if I could use this. Torch has great performance compared to Onyx. There was minim numbers of crash and there was no automatically restart. I liked the way I could slide the phone. The keypad was also comfy enough for typing. The touch screen was also convenience enough to use. But I thought Torch is heavier than others Blackberry.

13. Blackberry Style


So out of the blue, I was really wanted to turn into CDMA phone. Then I figured out that Blackberry had flip phone and it’s CDMA. I ordered online via Kaskus because it hadn’t been officially traded in Indonesia. I bought black market goods for the first time. I wrote the post about this Blackberry Style here before I got it and here after it had arrived at my home.

14. Blackberry Curve 3G

curve 3gThere was a time when I couldn’t activate the internet service for my Blackberry Style. Desperately I turned into GSM and bought Blackberry Curve 3G. I know, it was such a horrible idea to spend more money for a mobile phone. For a blackberry. The same function of blackberry. My bad. It was just my temporary mobile phone until I could use my Blackberry Style properly.

15. Blackberry Aries

ariesI swear this would be my last. This is my CDMA phone. I bought it just for a blackberry group for my MBA mates. But after I paid and use it properly, I found out that the group was not really active. The informations are shared through whatsapp. Shhhhhhht man! I should’ve not bought this one. But I won’t regret it. I use this as my CDMA phone without activate the internet service. Such a fab way for calling the only one contact: boyfriend.

16. iPhone 4S

iponMy everything. I swear it would be my last until it’s broken and totally die. I never thought that I would use Apple product. I’m beyond satisfied using this phone. Hope it will be last forever. 😛

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