Turning 21


Okay. I know it has been too late to share. But it is so much better than never. So I decide to post my 21 birthday last February.

It was an usual Sunday morning. I woke up and went to my Mom’s room. She congratulated me and followed by a call from my Dad and Grandma. I checked out my cellphone and figured out several notifications from twitter, line, whatsapp, and facebook. I was quite happy to know that my mobile phone got busy just for a day. Out of the blue, my Mom asked me about what surprise means and how to give a someone surprise. Kinda weird. I explained briefly and suddenly she asked me if anyone would give me a surprise. Sadly I said no. Because usually birthday surprise occurs in the morning. The fact was that there was no surprise.

Adit came to my house, picked me out for a date, as usual. Before we go out, I went upstairs to my room because I forgot something. When I entered my room, I figured out a silver bag. When I looked inside, aaaa! Adit just gave me a Ollo Clip, which I have been wanted. There was a birthday card and it is mentioned that Adit made the card by himself. Ter-ha-ru!


We went out for an usual date; watching movie and lunch in Plaza Senayan. After watched movie, we went to Senayan City to meet Plurkerian a.k.a Adit’s plurk buddies. For approximately 45 minutes of chit chat and laugh, we went home.

I had no feelings that something just has been set up for me. When I arrived at home, the access door from first floor to second floor had been shut. When I opened it, there were balloons and two birthday cakes in front of me. I saw my Mom in the corner. She were sitting on the couch and smiling said “Kenapa? Kaget ya?” I had an awkward moment for secs. I thought that my Mom wanted give me a birthday surprise related to her question that morning about how poor I was, nobody would give me any surprise. I also was sure enough because there were two birthday cakes. Obviously, I was that poor that made my Mom bought two birthday cakes for me. But then…


All my friends showed up. There were 6 of them; Ayi, Bule, Rani, Mega, Fifi, and Lare. They told me a short funny verse. All I could do was smiling and laughing. OMG! My best friends just came over for birthday surprise! Still couldn’t believe it. I’m 21 and my friends still care about birthday surprise thingy. For me. Thank you, guys!




First cake went for Mom
The surprise team

After blew out the candles of two chocolate cakes, said several wishes, and my first cake went for my Mom followed by Gerombolan, Lare and Adit. We ate the cakes, pizzas, and martabak. Laughed. Chit chat. Played UNO. Watched horror movie. Laughed. And then they went home.

That was one of my best days. Thank you for being sweet. I love you, guys!


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