few days ago i was very excited because we can download our tweet archives from the very beginning to the latest. this is a news! got it from @jokoanwar, i refreshed my account setting on the web and didn’t find the download options. i was patient enough until the day i can download and laugh it out loud at my tweets.

out of the blue, i had this idea last night. i decided to delete all my tweets. so i googled what’s the app that can remove all tweets on the go. well, this wasn’t my first time i delete my tweets using an app. once i used twitwipe, an app that popped up on the first page when i googled with keywords “delete tweet” or something like that. it was easy and simple. all you gotta do is just grant the app access to your twitter account by signing in your twitter. once it has been authorized, then you just click the delete button. but remember, you can’t restore what’s been deleted. as simple like that. BUT! unfortunately, it was stuck. i don’t know whether on the app, internet connection, or because there were too many original retweets that i’ve not undo.  ohya you have to undo retweet if you want to clear all your tweets. i mean, a tweet you retweeted from people with original retweet one, not the retweet with comment.

since then, not any single tweet appeared in my timeline but my number of tweets still stuck, couldn’t be pure zero. i couldn’t continue the process because it said that i didn’t have any typed tweets anymore. well…

last night, i tried to clear all my tweets by using another app. i looked up at master google, and found this one, deleteallmytweets. looks promising and of course it works! well, below i’ll show you some screenshots.

the main page
confirmation after authorization to twitter account
deletion process
the result

well it works, guys. but not 100% succeed because the problem came from stucked tweets from the previous deletion process. yup, because there was a stuck while using twitwipe moments ago. if you’ve never removed your tweets using app, well, there’s a chance for you to clear it all to zero using deletemytweets. fyi, it has maximum number of deleted tweets on the go. you can’t just wait until it clear all automatically for you. 163, 190 on top on the go. let’s say you have 10k tweets, then you have to click for 52 times or more to reach zero point. i personally just deleted about 7k of my tweets from 12k. whuuuaooow! well, happy deleting!

ps: don’t forget to scroll to the very bottom of your tweets and screenshot/download your tweets before deletion process. 😉


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