internship day 3

TGIF! now i know how people feel when they are shouting “TGIF!” loudly. it feels so good to know that your work life will be end after 5 pm on friday. i’m so excited to welcoming saturday. i know how precious saturday is, especially for employees. okay. so i went to my office today with smile upon my face. i was so ready for whatever jobs, or maybe another gabut times, that i would receive.

and today’s job was given by mr. rahmat, my intern mentor. he asked me to help him make clippings of news. it could be news from telkom, telkom’s subsidiary, competitors, or just information & technology news. he gave me stack of today’s newspapers and i started to read it one by one, find something related to those criteria. after found fews, i cut the part and sticked it to the news event paper that has been given by mr. rahmat. well, it was one of the easiest job ever. surprisingly, i’ve found fun part while doing the newspaper-scissors-glue-clipping thingy. another task came from mrs. fitri. she has emailed me brief design for an ad, i am expected to review and give feedback about the design. but the design hasn’t been ready yet. so i’m still off for marketing task.

well, a man in front of my desk just informed me that there’s free lunch every friday at our pantry. wow this is a news! so i went to pantry and decided to eat a plate of rice with balado boiled egg and five skewers of sate padang. i was also so happy because my mom picked me up after work. such a good day for me. friday seventh of december this year was one of the happiest day ever recently.

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