internship experience


hi all. you knew that i’m going to talk about internship experience as written in the title of this post. so, actually i didn’t want to do this. the idea never crossed my mind. actually it was my mom’s idea in order to throw off my gabut-days. she doesn’t like and feel pity about my deal-with-couch-all-day-long lifestyle. i was interested and have decided to join a consultant company’s project as a traffic counter and ticket scanner. but my mom didn’t look happy with the idea. so i followed her advice to intern in telkom. besides, i thought it would give me a clear description to be written in my CV. mom arranged the internship date with her friend in telkom. after discussion, her friend which is a general manager in the division, he said that i could join the club on 4th of december this year, of course.

then here i came on the exact date, exact time, 8 o’clock sharp. i went to 8th floor and met mr. wahyo. i didn’t have any idea when i looked into the big size alphabets arranged in the wall spelled “divisi wholesale service”. mr. wahyo looked so confuse, busy and didn’t greet me warmly. i had to wait for more than 15 minutes to be seated. then mr. wahyo introduced me to his co-worker, named mr. erning. he interviewed me briefly and made me sign a letter of statement that i’m gonna be an intern worker in this division. minutes later, he led me to my desk and introduced me to two co-workers around my territorial. they also looked busy and didn’t greet me warmly. omg! what happened with those fierce face? can i get warm greetings?

i was sure as hell that mr. erning had no idea to give me a job. he was covering his co-worker, which should be there to guide me as an intern. so here was my first job, browsing through internet about telkom news and analyze what the impact to telkom. okay… i did it for first few hours and then i felt so bored, useless, pointless, all mixed up together. the situation has been worsen by my unfriendly environment; actually those co-workers behind my desk that couldn’t paint a little smile upon their faces. a man walked along path that leads into where i sat, he stopped and dropped a box of snacks close to my desk. then he announced everyone there that he offered some snacks. i got good-manners-when-you-get-some-food from men around here. but not even a single word from those annoyed co-workers behind my desk. i tried to be nice to one of them, but what i got was just… cold stare and to-the-point short answer. things got worse. i had a lunch by myself. then i called my dad and told him about my bad day.

what a bad day! and i think i’m gonna have some more for weeks ahead. but hell yes! my mom feels sorry about it and she said that i could end this fuckin’ situation by resign as soon as possible. i can’t wait for 5 pm sharp and tell mr. erning that i’m gonna resign. i don’t give any single fuck for the letter of statement that i’ve been signed.

it’s not just because i hate the uncertainty of job task. i just don’t like the environment. i remember from my human resource management lecture months ago (or maybe years ago) that environment really influences workflow and work-mood. hmm.. maybe it also just came up from me. i’m not ready to face this shit.

that’s all for my internship experience. conclusion: i’d like to sit lazily on my couch and watch tv for hours.


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