internship day 2

well, good things will come right after your gloominess. after writing the previous post, i was browsing browsing and browsing till i was bored to death. then in the middle of distress, a woman appeared. she brought a black laptop with her then sat next to me. she introduced herself as mrs. fitri, a general manager of marketing in wholesale service division. after briefly explanation about what kind of business they are into now, then she asked me for help to revise few of permits to do survey in several companies. it was easy task ever. tap tap tap tap and i could finished it before deadline.

after lunch time, i asked to my general manager of marketing about what should i do next. she said, she would tell me later. i came up with blogwalking thingy again while waiting for my next task. hours later, she appeared and told me that i did mistakes. yes, mistakes! how come? worsen, she already submitted by email to those companies. i knew it in minutes toward 5 o’clock, which is time to go home. she said, she already fixed it. omg! i felt so stupid and guilty. how come i could do few of mistakes in the easiest task ever? i apologized for many times. thank god, she wasn’t angry. she said she would email me a design for the next project to be reviewed. she expects my feedback about the design. ok, i won’t let myself do mistakes anymore!

right after work hours, i went on my feet to plaza semanggi in the rain. i was so fucked up because i didn’t bring an umbrella and walked through the rain, covered by my laptop case on my head. i was like a drowned rat. i had an appointment to watch a movie with ronny, my partner in crime. we decided to watch stolen, a movie starring nicholas cage. the movie was… epic as ever. i think cage’s movies always come up with epic story and scenes. right after a movie, we went home. it was 8:45 pm. ronny waved goodbye and walked home. i had to stuck in looong taxi queues. my mom was panicked as ever and then decided to pick me up. she arrived about 10 pm. i felt so guilty. thank god, thank mom! she didn’t preach me.

so much for today! good night!


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