life these days

back with me, febie, the recently-not-really-gloomy-author. maybe recently-confused-don’t-know-what-to-do-author is the right description. life is more complicated these days. suddenly a tweet from @laughbook pops up, “don’t grow up. it’s a trap!”

yeah. flashback to few years ago, when i was a 12 years old girl, i was obsessed with growing up things. i couldn’t wait until my first menstruation, my first date, and another firsts. then 2 years after, i got my first bleeding. as the time goes by, my first list had been all checked. and you know what, i didn’t feel much better after got all point checked. i feel PMS (which you can define it into three definitions: pra menstruation syndrome, pas menstruation syndrome, and pasca menstruation syndrome :p), the most confusing feeling and phase of life ever. i could be a monster but without seconds, i could be a sweet and nice girl. my first date went well but then again, my imagination about a perfect date and relationship never realized. i have to maintain my relationship as well by harmonizing our wants, needs, and goal, and balancing our emotion, which is the most difficult thing when it comes to bad situation and anger. it occurs until now.

the more you’ve grown up, the more you’ll face another advance level of complicated life. in particular, you have to survive in a situation such as fake work-life with your co-workers which could be your rival. you also have to keep yourself survive through million pressures. it’s all about survival. in a relationship. of course your goal is to getting married, eh? then you have to step over the stones, even rocks before you’re getting married. like i’ve said before, nothing perfect. we have to deal with it. once we fail to maintain those things i mentioned above, then boom! maybe the relationship will be broken.

ok. let’s go to the point. so my point is that I’M in the confusing situation. maybe me and my boyfriend need to redefine our goal and of course maintain our relationship. of course if we want to get married someday.. end of story. i’m sorry for blabbering too much. good night!


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