world business research conference, bangkok

so this post should have been posted a month ago but i procrastinated, so today i decide to make this post as my archive in the future.

i attended a conference in bangkok on the past 4th of october this year. the conference was held by world business institute, named world business research conference. it held in novotel hotel, bangkok, thailand for 3 days; 4-6 october, 2012.

me and 8 others SBM students went there for cum laude requirement. we all stayed in bangkok city hotel. eight of us presented our own paper on the first day of conference, which is 4th of october. the left one presented on the next day. i had presented my paper titled “improving inventory management policy of customer premises equipment (CPE) at telkom vision” which has been my final project. the attendance are mostly come from finance basic, so when i presented my paper, people didn’t know much about my topic, which is supply chain management/operation. i was grateful because there was no thousand of questions asked to me, but one, which came from indian professor, i thought. he asked me about budgeting thingy, which was not my concern and i had told my problem limitation, so it was easy to answer his question LOL!

though i knew that i wouldn’t get cum laude, i didn’t regret any single time i went there. because it held in bangkok, which is my favorite city, and lots of delicious yet unlimited food were provided during the conference. they provided different kind of food in every break session. i can’t say anything more, you can see in the pictures above, how delicious the food were.

there was no special. everything just went normal during the conference day. hmm.. maybe i’ll tell you about the difference between indonesian and the other abroad participants. we were not the only one from indonesia, there were dozens of people came from unair, surabaya. all of unair students was magister program student. we were the only undergraduate student. abroad participants were surprised, amazed, and fascinated to know that we were the only undergrad student. but the other indonesians, which came from higher level beyond us, has seen us as “junior” and underestimated us. in Q&A session, those arrogant also asked intimidating question, while abroad participants asked questions followed by suggestion or improvement statement. yeah, i think that’s the difference between indonesian and other participants. indonesian will always be indonesian, assaulting each other without giving any significant improvement. it was well done said by one of indonesian participant, mrs. trias from UII jogjakarta, the only friend during the conference LOL.

i conclude that i enjoyed the conference. i took as my experience and lesson for the better future. and.. yeah it’s time to tell you what happened next during our bangkok-for-conference-and-short-trip-before-graduation. later, readers!


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