bangkok trip vol. 2

the next day, on 5th of october 2012, the girls went to the grand palace, bangkok. i was so happy because in my previous bangkok trip, i didn’t visit the grand palace. luckily, it didn’t rain and the sky was clear, though the weather burnt us. another sightseeing without tour guide made us enjoy the view without knowing the history about the place. all i know is that the kingdom of thailand is located in the grand palace complex. till today, i don’t know where is the kingdom because all the building looked similar except for pagodas LOL. we just shoot for photos, laughed, and complained the weather. nia, sarah, and i have been captured by several tourist for our crazy pose inf front of a pagoda, as you can see in the 9th picture above LOL!

done with the grand palace trip, we were dropped in pratunam market. unfortunately, we came in wrong timing. most of seller in pratunam have closed their little kiosk. but we had been blessed by walking along the market and found some cutie clothes in some random place but still in pratunam. exhausted with shopping activity, we all went to seafood restaurant near our hotel. i forgot the name of the restaurant. we ate, bla bla bla, nothing was really special. then came back to hotel.

the following day, we went to chatuchak market, one of the heaven in bangkok. i was amazed by cutie iphone case with cheaper price than in mbk mall. i was also fascinated by cheap yet cute clothes inside chatuchak market. whoaaa! shopping for hours wasn’t enough, but we had to move off to siam paragon, because one of my friend had been reminded to buy some H&M clothes by their relatives. i prefer to sat an enjoy cheap blizzard than followed them. after siam paragon conquest, we moved back to mbk for another shopping. we were in a hurry, because we had to catch up a taxi to airport at 5 pm. after our rush shopping hours, we went back to hotel, prepared our things, and went to airport. we were playing several cards game to avoid boredom attack. when times up, we had to fly back to indonesia.

then… goodbye bangkok! see you really soon! :’)


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