asean trip: bangkok

สวัสดีค่ะ! bangkok is the last destination of our graduation trip. before talking about bangkok, i want to tell you about what happened during our way to bangkok in the midnight bus. so, do you remember the beautiful stranger, a guy that i met in bakheng? yes. when we arrived in terminal to take our midnight bus to bangkok, then… suddenly he appeared! we took the same bus! OMG! i was so ashamed! hahahaha! me and my friend, keti, took the seats right behind him. LOL!

so our midnight migration was different from the previous migration. from siem reap to bangkok, we rode a bus with strange default seat position. it has been set to sleep position and you can’t enforce it. once we arrived in immigration, we had to queuing for minutes and move to another bus. they said it was a bus, but i thought it was a mini van, looked like cipaganti travel. a couple of foreigners claim about how small the mini van was for about 10 persons inside, related to the amount of money that has been spent for travel service. four of us just decided to keep silent and enjoy the trip.

we were dropped in some random street near the market. what a bad service! i thought we would be dropped in the terminal. then we walked and decided to take a taxi. we did not take tuk tuk because we did not know how much the normal price. we were dropped in makkasan road, in petchaburi district.

we stayed in airport link guesthouse. it is located in new pethcaburi road, soi 33. it also close to makassan railway and ratchapralop bts station. it’s about 3 minutes walking from hostel to the station. i personally like how strategic the guesthouse located. maybe you’ll love it too. now, i’m gonna share about how the guesthouse looks like.

so, we booked for a room with 8 bunk beds. we had to share our room with another 4 strangers. it sounds interesting, because we could get acquainted with people from different background. yes of course our wish was granted. we had to share a room with 2 americans (fyi, they’re so hot), 1 hawaiian, and… 1 korean. all those strangers were males. ohya! i have to tell you that… the guesthouse only have one bathroom for three rooms inside. once again, ONE bathroom only. can’t imagine how it would be if three rooms inside were full booked. okay so i want to share you about those strangers.

we met the korean before met the others stranger. he was excited when meet us for the first time. i personally was also excited because he looked funny with his gangnam dance. he spoke english in a bad bad bad accent. he also spoke in korean, and we all didn’t know what he’s talking about. because of he’s talkative-in-korean-and-we-didn’t-know-the-meaning, we were annoyed and tried to away from him. but he was always there where we were. so scary. especially when he had considered us as his friends. oh yeah you wish, man! one day, our glory day has come. guesthouse owner announced that freak korean has checked out. she also told us that freak korean was indicated gay because he followed the 2 hot american guys everywhere. a freak korean decided to check out when those 2 americans also did the same thing. what a freak!

so… what about city tour? i visited mall and mall for shopping. mbk, siam discovery, and siam paragon. the highlight was madame tussaud which is located in siam discovery. pictures tell a thousand stories, so just see the pictures below hehe.

another highlight in bangkok was that large size of blizzard only for baht 49 which is 14,700 in rupiah. dafuq? in indonesia, a small size of blizzard costs 30,000 rupiah. dairy queen bangkok also provides many varieties of flavor than in indonesia.

a plate of curry in cocoichibanya, a curry restaurant, also cheaper than in singapore. i ordered a plate of omelet mushroom curry it tasted sooo great!

ohya. if you are iphone user and frequently change your case, i tell you that bangkok is the heaven for iphone case. iphone case costs from 30,000 rupiah to 120,000 rupiah for the expensive one. for fashionista, bangkok also knowns as the city of cheap for fashion thingy. you can go to pratunam market, chatucak market, and others.

finally, time to come home. we walked from guesthouse to ratchapralop bts station and took bts to suvarnabhumi international airport. we took mandala airlines at 12 o’clock. as you can see in the pictures below, suvarnabhumi international airport is sophisticated enough. though it similar to changi airport in singapore.

left-right: yudis, febie, keti, ronny. we just arrived in soekarno hatta intl’ airport on sept 27, 2012.

so our 13 days, 3 countries, 4 cities asean trip has ended. fyi, my total of expenses for THE WHOLE TRIP (flights, hostels, food, transportations, entrance to tourist spots, shopping, etc) was about 4.8 millions in rupiah.

ok. see you in another trip!


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