asean trip: phnom penh

yeah after exploring ho chi minh city, vietnam, we continued our graduation trip to phnom penh, cambodia. phnom penh is the capital and largest city of cambodia. cambodia never crossed my mind. i did not ever think for seconds to go there.

we arrived in the morning and brought to vietnam and cambodia immigration office in the country border. whoaaa so happy because i have walked through countries border. the bus stopped at the bus station and we walked on our shoes to hostel. we stayed in velkommen guesthouse, a youth hostel in phnom penh. on our way to hostel, there was tuk tuk driver stalking and following us, enforce us to ride his tuk tuk. he was kinda freak and scary but thank God everything was alright. he went away and we did not meet him again once we walked out the hostel in the afternoon for city exploration.

so phnom penh is a small city. compounded by small numbers of private transportation. for those who are afraid to crossing the street, then you gotta love phnom penh because you can slow your steps while crossing the street. most of buildings are similar, looks like pagoda. it had been made me guess where the true royal palace is. government workplace and the real pagoda have no difference at all. the first photo above is the monument, i guess it is one of the landmark of phnom penh. the following picture is some random pagoda which i thought it was a royal palace.

we walked on our shoes through the city. thank God it was cloudy so we did not need to be curse at the sun. there were so many monks. almost in every place i visited, monks were always there, from the youth to the elder one. picture above which contains me posed in front of statue, hmm… i can’t tell you what statue it is. just some random statue which is located in the middle of city.

in the next morning, we had our breakfast close to our hostel. so this was my breakfast. it costs 15,000 in rupiahs. i think the real price is cheaper than the price they set for tourist, maybe around 7,500 in rupiahs. so it was noodle with beef. so tasty, so many beef. it would be more delicious if you pour some soy sauce into it.

after had a breakfast, we went back to hostel and waited for tuk tuk to pick us up. we were going to the highlight destinations; killing fields, genocide museum, russian market, and royal palace. the pictures above were taken at killing fields. once we arrived, we were asked for $5 to enter the place. we were given an audio set in accordance with the preferred language and should listening to it while walking around killing fields. there are 20 tracks that should be listened during tour. the tracks tell the story behind the past. we were guided to the place where the story that audio told us, occurred in the past. i dropped my tears while listening to the audio set. i also felt so scare. how jerk pol pot was! he killed for approximately billions people cruelly. the monument above is the place where left skulls and bones are collected and preserved. the following pics, as you can see is the mass grave.

we continued our emotional journey to genocide museum. pol pot with his cruel mind did not only stop at killing fields. genocide museum was school building that was transformed into dark prison and execution place for khmer people who against pol pot. look at how scary the building is. they were tortured in there and about billions people died there. luckily, there were seven survivors, as you can see in the picture above, who survived and safe. one of them still alive and we met him in the back of this building. unfortunately, i did not take his picture, because there were too crowded.

after tense, scary yet miserable journey, we went to had a lunch in russian market. we also bought some souvenirs for our family and friends. we stopped at some random kiosk to try the food in the picture above. looks disgusting because the shape reminds me of… ah stop! but it smelled delicious, so i gave myself a chance to try. yeah! it was tasty!

done with lunch and stuffs, we continued our journey to royal palace. we were dropped at some random street near the royal palace. we could not enter the royal palace because the open hours has been up. then we decided to enjoy the view around royal palace. there were so many birds flying around. i was so happy. we also sweated out our shirt by taking pictures of levitation pose in front of royal palace. then we went back to hostel. because we already checked out, then we could not take a shower. but thank God, the hostel owner provided us a small bathroom for cleaning ourself. then we waited for midnight bus to siem reap.


3 thoughts on “asean trip: phnom penh”

  1. kaka.. saya mau nanya lagih:

    1. dari ho chi min ke pnom phen naek apa bus? butuh biaya berapa merk brp bisa ditawar ga? klo misal naek bus dari hostel ke terminalnya naik apa? butuh berapa jam perjalanan? berarti kaka berangkat malem ya qo sampe di pnom phen pagi? aman g makem2 naek bus?

    2. sama kayak pertanyaan sebelumnya. mau nanya soal hostel, itu hostelnya pesen tempat online/ bayar dulu pake kartu kredit atau bisa lewat telepon/email dan bayar ditempat? trus yg jemput di bandara ke hostel ada biaya tambahan ga ka? boleh tau cp/alamat/telp/email/web yg bisa dihub buat mesen g ka? soalnya saya g punya kartu kredit

    3. biaya tuk tuk buat keliling pnom phen seharian habis berapa ka?

    4.jadwal masuk grand palace brp an yah?

    makasiii buanyak kaka (ngumpulin keberanian bwt jalan sendiri)

    1. halo mimin. ini saya jawab ya pertanyaan kamu

      1. pertama saya mau jawab soal hostel. waktu itu saya dan teman-teman pesan hostel via online. untuk yang my my arthouse ini, saya lupa antara pesen di atau di pokoknya referensi kami sih 2 website itu doang. setelah booking via online, kita bayar DP pake credit card. orang yang jemput kami di bandara udah include sama harga bayar hostelnya. kami waktu itu pesan kamar yang isinya 4 bed, bentuknya bunk bed gitu. itu harga per orangnya sekitar $6/night. coba deh ya kamu cek website ini: dan

      2. untuk cu chi tunnel dan cao dai dan segala macam tour gitu, kami pesan lewat orang hostelnya. nanti dia yang bakal nyariin. biasanya kalo kamu pesen ke orang hostel suka dikasih harga-harga miring.

      3. untuk bahasa vietnam daging sapi: thịt bò (baca: tit po). untuk daging ayam: thịt gà (tit ga). kalo kamu mau pesen makanan, langsung aja bilang kedua daging itu. mereka langsung ngerti kok.

      4. dari ho chi minh ke phnom penh naik midnight bus. harganya $10.5 per orang. ya sekitar 10-12 jam perjalanan deh dari ho chi minh ke phnom penh. bisnya emang sleeper bus dan aman. nanti bakal dijemput sama orang bisnya dari hostel dan bisnya parkir dekat hostel.

      5. biaya tuk tuk untuk keliling phnom penh sekitar $16. kalau kamu mau naik tuk tuk keliling gitu, kamu nanya orang hostel aja, biar mereka yang nyariin. ini supaya kamu gak ditipu sama tukang tuk tuk dan biasanya orang hostel bisa nawar-nawar harga ke supir tuk tuknya.

      6. grand palace? maksud kamu royal palace kali? hehe. saya gak tau ya buka dari jam berapa karena saya kesana pas sore jam 5 dan itu udah tutup.

      semoga jawaban-jawaban saya membantu ya. jangan takut traveling sendirian! hehehe 🙂

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