[Movie Review] Cabin In The Woods

Hell yeah! Finally after waiting for about 3 months, I could watch Cabin In The Woods. Woohoo! So, what kind of movie is this? I could say that this is random-thriller-horror-and-full-of-blood movie!

So the story is about five people going to a small cabin in the middle of woods for holiday. The idea popped out from Curt’s (Chris Hemsworth) head. He told the others that he had cousin who lived in interesting cabin in the woods. Once they arrived, Holden (Jesse Williams) found a scary paint and one way mirror in one of the room there. The rest, Dana (Kristen Connolly), Jules (Anna Hutchison), and Marty (Franz Kanz) also found something wrong with the place they stand in. Five of them found out that they are isolated in the woods that full of scary creatures such as zombies. In the other place, two technicians are monitoring and controlling those five people in order to lead them into death. They have secret operation. What kind of operation? Nah! You have to watch it by yourself.

Personally, I like the movie. Five out of five! The storyline is not long-winded. This movie gives an interesting way to die in each characters. Horror story is presented unusual. Appearance of complete scary horror figures. And the best part is the movie is full of blood everywhere. When I watched this movie, I thought about Truman Show, because the concept is similar.

I suggest you to watch this movie. Especially for all of thriller horror mania and blood mania. Worth to watch!


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