[Book Review] Premortem


I judged the book by its cover. I am simply attracted to white, simple, and thin line picture cover book. So when I went to Toko Gunung Agung and saw this book on the fiction shelf, I grabbed and bought it. J. Angin. Never heard the author’s name before. But I believe that the book is promising with kind of story that I like; short and not cliche. Then I guess I chose the right book, because J. Angin gives readers a series of short story that related each other. The character “Aku” in this story could be a woman or man, depends on the perception of the reader. This woman and man have their own life story in the form of history, imagination, and memories. When you read this book, you will find yourself trapped in layer or stage of story like Inception. You have to guess where the layer you are in. For me, it’s like assembling puzzles. I personally hard to understand and accept the whole story of Christoper Nolan’s stories, from Inception to the last movie -The Dark Knight Rises. When I read this book, I feel the same. This book is too hard to understand for me. LOL. The point is: totally random and confusing.

But! If you are Nolan’s fan, maybe you have to read this book. Might be your favorite one.


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