[Food Review] Sunny and Green






Hello! Last night was the hectic night ever in my life. It was my very first time for 24 hours awake. I guess it’s more than 24 hours. Been hectic with final project and paper thingy.

Anyway, I want to review Sunny and Green, a small cafe where I have been stayed for hours with my laptop. Sunny and Green is located in Dago, close to perempatan Dago. The wall is full of sunflower paints. The cafe only have less than 15 tables. The couches were very comfortable. There is speedy wifi connection. I think this is one of the cozy place for working.

I ordered aglio olio and hazelnut chocolate. I guess their aglio olio, which contains of spaghetti, garlic, chillies, dices of chicken, and parmesan cheese on top was not bad. It’s not worth Rp 28,000, I guess.

Hazelnut chocolate is recommended! I think it’s better served while hot. For Rp 17,000 you can taste the tasty hazelnut chocolate.

3 out of 5 😀


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